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After Christmas – Before Our Wondering Eyes

After Christmas

So now it is January, and in Scandinavia this means a long period of cold, dark days. The Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve with all their festivities and lights and lazy days are over. 

Christmas as a child

As a child, I very much looked forward to Christmas every year, to everyone being happy, the lights, the gifts, the beautiful decorations, which were very much alive to me, almost like old friends visiting once a year. And I remember feeling sad when Christmas was inevitably over and even today I am sometimes in a melancholy mood when taking all the Christmas decorations down (traditionally done on “St. Knut’s day” in Sweden, on 13 January), knowing that spring is still far away.

But then I think it is a great comfort to remember Martinus’ words that “the inner truth” of Christmas is not confined to a few days in December. On the contrary: “Christmas is the feast of love, and love is precisely the cosmic force that will illuminate our hearts and minds”, he writes in the article “The Christmas Star” from 1942 (quoted from the Martinus Institute’s Christmas Greeting 2017).

According to Martinus, we will gradually develop a society where every day will be like Christmas Day, where we will rejoice in giving instead of taking and find nourishment in being helpful and loving to all other beings of earth. And even if that time seems far away right now, our wish to see some light in the darkness reflects our longing for a brighter and more peaceful future:

“But it has become a necessity for people to celebrate the principle of Christmas, ‘to light a candle in the darkness’, especially for those who live in the earth’s physical winter zone. And it is important to think about the fact that the ‘basic notes of Christmas’, the candles, the peace it is to give presents are the same as ‘the basic notes of the universe’, neighbourly love, to be of benefit tothe whole. It is that mentality which in time will be spread throughout the whole year and over the entire earth; then the ‘Christmas story’ will have become a radiating reality in a physical world, and the earth a ‘Christmas star’.” (Martinus, lecture from 1946: A Christmas Story)

Martinus wrote a great deal about Christmas and the symbolic meaning of the Christmas Gospel in the Bible. In his reading, the story of the little child in the stable reflects the story of all human beings, the birth of the Christ child within each of us. And while this is a very long process indeed, in the meantime we can just light a candle in the darkness and find comfort in reading.

If you would like to hear more about Martinus’ view on the gospel of Christmas and the overall message of Christmas, you can listen to a 37-minute podcast episode with Tryggvi Gudmundsson and Mary McGovern (from the Martinus Cosmology Podcast):


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  • February 4, 2018 at 6:31 am

    I really like your very natural and lively reflections over the thoughts of Martinus!

    • February 4, 2018 at 10:19 am

      Thank you very much, Bo!


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