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Finding eternity in your sitting room – Before Our Wondering Eyes

Finding eternity in your sitting room

According to Martinus, we don’t have to go far in order to find eternity and infinity. We may feel that our daily life – full of challenges and trivial events – is completely separate from an eternal dimension of life. At least I often feel that way myself, in spite of studying spiritual texts in my spare time.

Perhaps that is why, in former times, people who were interested in spiritual matters sought silence in monasteries and convents or other closed communities, where strict rituals in serene surroundings could help them to feel closer to an eternal, infinite perspective of life and to get a closer contact with God.

But today, fewer and fewer people find inspiration in closed spiritual communities. Instead we may try to use other kinds of rituals (i.e. yoga or mindfulness) or buy different kinds of tools in the extensive New Age market in order to reconnect with another dimension of life. But according to Martinus, as I interpret his writings, we don’t need any tools at all, except the development of our capacity to love. We practice the highest form of yoga when we devote ourselves to being helpful and loving to other beings. And we can use prayer in the sense of communicating individually with God, in a completely everyday and natural fashion.

Then, some day, with a developed faculty of intuition, we will see that in every moment, we do experience eternity and infinity by experiencing life. In one of his many beautiful passages in Livets Bog, Martinus describes how eternity and infinity and myriads of worlds are present in our sitting room, in everything around us and within us:

“Have you, dear reader, ever before thought that, wherever we tread, we are stepping over divine dwellings, the abodes of living fellow beings in life? If not, then pause for a moment. For here heaven has opened itself and your view is immense. You are just looking straight into eternity. You see a huge horizon stretching out. Its boundaries are not to be found either in time or space. Before your gaze lies a heavenly panorama with myriads of planes of existence, arranged in a perfection of perspective.  […]  There, in the midst of ‘now’, there lie extensive zones of previous spirals you have passed through long since and which consequently fade away into the far cosmic horizon behind the micro-worlds’ white mists. And there also lie immeasurably gigantic zones in huge spirals ahead through which you will steer your divine course.

See how all that beautiful and eternal panorama – surpassing all imagined worlds – now becomes visible through your small physical horizon, and furthermore, has been present all along in your sitting room, your yard, your fields, meadows and woods and anything else you generally call yours.” (From Livets Bog, vol. 2, sect. 486; read online)

Martinus’ sitting room, in his flat in the Martinus Institute in Copenhagen





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