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Veganism is massively on the rise – Before Our Wondering Eyes

Veganism is massively on the rise

The British vegan campaign “Veganuary”, which is short for “Vegan January”, broke all their own records in 2018. According to their newsletter of 1st March, the campaign grew by 183% in 2018, with 168,542 people signing up to go vegan. This contrasts with 3,300 signing up in 2014, 12,800 in 2015, 23,000 in 2016 and 59,500 in 2017. Over 79,000 omnivores took part, and 60,500 said they were vegetarian or pescetarian. Some participants claimed to be vegan already, but signed up to get extra support.

84% of the participants were female and only 14% male. Even though the men have some catching up to do, their numbers were up from 10% in 2017. It would be interesting to find out why there is this gender divide.

Animal welfare was people’s main reason for taking part. Health and environmental concerns increased in relation to last year. Whatever people’s reason or reasons for choosing veganism in January, the animals, the environment and our health can only have benefitted.

The Danish writer Martinus wrote a book entitled The Ideal Food in which he describes the evolution of mankind’s eating habits from meat-eating to vegetarianism and veganism. You can read The Ideal Food online here: The Ideal Food

Mary McGovern

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