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Life as an eternal, changing work of art – Before Our Wondering Eyes

Life as an eternal, changing work of art

The transformation of the poles brought about by the “highest fire” is thus an absolutely divine phenomenon, because it is the basis for the creation of all contrast in the universe, and thereby for the embellishment and elaboration of the eternal, changing work of art called “life”. (Martinus, Livets Bog, vol. 4, sect. 1577)

Light and darkness. Good and evil. Beginning and end. Day and night. Birth and death. Revival and destruction. Femininity and masculinity.

Throughout history and in all kinds of cultures and religions, human beings have created narratives with contrasts and dichotomies in order to define our existence. Sometimes those contrasts are seen as a temporary duality that can be overcome by reaching a total oneness (i.e. Buddhism). Sometimes, as in the Abrahamic world religions, good and evil and light and darkness are perceived as separate powers of a dual existence, where darkness and evil have to be defeated in order for good and light to prevail.

In Martinus’ analyses of the sexual pole transformation, we find a comprensive explanation that includes all the contrasts mentioned above and all other possible contrasts too. In a very basic definition, we could state that, according to Martinus, all living beings have two sexual poles in their superconsciousness, a feminine pole and a masculine pole.

The development of these two poles decide the state of consciousness of all beings, their manifestations, their behaviour, their wishes, needs and thoughts. In the animal kingdom, to which we, as human beings, still belong, one of the poles is latent and the other is dominating, creating female and male beings with one ordinary pole as a driving force through the epoch of self-preservation and animal needs, including sexual instincts.

In the future, Martinus tells us that a real human kingdom will emerge with beings where the two poles are balanced in the physical form of one neutral gender, a truly human sex which can manifest nothing but neighbourly love.

Right now, however, human beings are in a stage of transition. Partly driven by our ordinary pole, either masculine or feminine, human beings still practise old talents that have to do with family life, self-preservation and a traditional life-long partnership with the opposite sex. But they will often fail. Marriages often end in divorce. Some people do not wish to have children at all, and parents with children often feel a conflict between family life and a more intellectual, creative working life outside the family home. Women and girls all over the world show a strong wish to get higher education and many women refrain from having a family, if they cannot combine it with work. Many people do not want to or are not able to live in a life-long partnership.

More and more people prefer living in a relationship with their own sex and yet others do not wish to identify at all with either of the two common sexes. Various phenomena show that traditional gender roles and conventional family life, however much they are praised on TV or in films, are no longer realistic norms for modern human beings.

So what will come instead? The break-up of traditional norms and values can be perceived as something negative and even frightening, if we cannot see a clear picture of where we are heading. According to Martinus, however, there is no need to worry. On the contrary, the sexual pole transformation includes not only a transformation of the physical sexual behaviour of human beings. It is also an overall, moral process in which we develop from being egoistic one-poled beings that are interested in ourselves and that have an instinctual attraction to the opposite sex to being double-poled, all-loving beings with a perfect balance of intelligence and feeling and a love for everyone and everything in the universe.

These double-poled beings – and all beings will reach that stage of the spiral cycle sooner or later – will create a perfectly peaceful, harmonious human kingdom on the Earth. This transition takes time, which is why we will see men and women slowly developing new talents connected to their opposite pole and slowly getting rid of old habits and talents typical of earlier behavior.

Perhaps this sounds too good to be true? Even if you study Martinus’ analyses, I myself sometimes think it is difficult to imagine that this wonderful future is really going to happen, that it is not just wishful thinking. Our world today shows too many signs of not yet being able to fulfill the message of neighbourly love proclaimed 2,000 years ago by one of the great world redeemers. Nevertheless, this evolution is what Martinus shows to be the overall logic of the universe or “the wheel of creation”, in the most comprehensive and consistent framework of existence that I have ever seen.

In this wheel, all the contrasts mentioned above play their determined part in order to make the world go around. The keynote of the universe is love. Femininity and masculinity will be combined in a harmonious whole with the best characteristics of both sexes, and above all, with a very high moral standard. And nobody will be lost on their way, everybody will reach the goal. So the future looks bright, but as we know from our everyday life, it is a very long process, and we have to be patient on our way.



As initally quoted above, I think Martinus describes this sexual transformation in a poetic and beautiful way. In his words, the transition from darkness to light emerges as an eternal, creative process in which a living work of art is constantly being created. To see the dimensions of this transformation, I would really need to provide you with many more extracts from his texts, since the poles and the pole transformation are such a fundamental principle of his world picture. But perhaps a few more quotes could give just a brief glimpse of the importance of the subject:

This development of love through suffering and the transformation of the one-poled state into the two-poled state is the liberation or salvation of mankind from all so-called “evil”. (Martinus, The Eternal World Picture, vol. 3, symbol 33 


Through evolution, the masculine pole in the “woman” will grow so as to equal her feminine pole. She will then no longer be a “woman”, just as she will not be a “man” either. She will then be an entirely new being. […]  Just as the transformed woman is thus released from the biblical “curse of sin”, so too is the transformed man naturally released from this “curse”. Since his feminine pole has grown to equal his masculine pole, he is no longer a “man” or a “woman” either. He has also become an entirely new being. But these two new beings, the transformed “man” and the transformed “woman”, through the evolution and levelling out of their sexual poles, have thus become beings of the same kind. (Martinus, Livets bog, vol. 4, sect. 1560)

The human mentality is characterised by the intelligence, knowledge, talents and creative ability that increase with the transformation of the poles. The human organism is characterised by the evolution of the animal organism towards the upright gait, the gradual refining of the musculature and features, the appearance of the first hint of femininity in the man’s organism and of masculinity in the woman’s organism. (Martinus, The Eternal World Picture, vol. 3, symbol 31)

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