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A conference about creativity, art and innovation – Before Our Wondering Eyes

A conference about creativity, art and innovation

At the Martinus Centre in Klint, there are many different things going on. One and a half weeks ago, there was a translators’ conference that you can hear more about here. And this past weekend there was another conference focusing on creativity, art and innovation. I was lucky enough to participate and to get an interview with the main arranger of the conference, Jens Christian Hermansen:

PR: Jens Christian, you have just arranged a conference at the Martinus Centre in Klint, Denmark. What was it about?

JC: It was a two-day conference about “Creativity, Art and Innovation”. Four guest lecturers, Lotte Darsø, Anne Külper, Dennis Persson and Ole Lemmeke, were invited. They talked about these topics from several interesting perspectives. We heard what Martinus says about art and our creative ability. There were also presentations based on academic research as well as talks on creativity based on personal artistic experiences. After each presentation, there was time for asking the lecturers questions and for general discussion. Almost 50 participants took part in the conference and it has been very inspiring.

PR: Why did you choose this particular topic for the conference?

JC: The Martinus Institute has arranged other conferences the last few years that focused on topics like health, consciousness, economy and science. I felt it was time we focused on another aspect, namely creativity and art, in order to broaden our perspectives on our creative faculty and the creative aspects of life. I myself have a background in academic science (sociology), but I am very interested in aspects of life that deal with artistic expression and art in general. I thought this would be a topic that could interest many people who study Martinus, and who attend courses at the Martinus Centre in Klint.


PR: The conference takes place in the Martinus Centre in Klint, Denmark, whose main task it is to inform and arrange courses about Martinus’s works. In what ways did the conference connect creativity and art with Martinus’s analyses?

JC: Martinus’s writings are extensive and deal with all aspects of life, science as well as art. In my own presentation on the first day, I wanted to examine whether we can look upon Martinus’s works and his analyses as a creative source of inspiration and as a kind of art. We know that Martinus uses a special style in his writings, where he combines his logical analyses with beautiful, poetic passages and different kinds of stylistic features, including many images, metaphors and analogies. A wonderful example of this is his short book Blade af Guds billedbog (Leaves of God’s Picture Book, not yet translated into English), which is a very poetic description of the mystery of life. I felt it would be rewarding to approach his analyses from this perspective, and not purely from an intellectual perspective. In my opinion, Martinus gives us the perfect union of art and science. I myself find it very inspiring to think about how our present academic science can develop in a more creative way in the future. Martinus also tells us that we will all eventually become artists of life, which means that we will all develop our creativity in innumerable ways in the future. According to him, life itself is a wonderful, eternal piece of art. At our stage of the development, human beings have the possibilities to use their creativity in many different ways, in contrast to animals, for example. This conference gave us the opportunity to discuss some of these aspects and some concrete inspiration for using our individual creativity, whether it be in our daily life or in science, art, leadership or something completely different.

PR: Jens Christian, many thanks for this interview!

Below, you’ll find some more photos from the conference.

i haven
dennis med publikum

The food was delicious, as always, and completely vegan.

Beskuren sallad

There were many opportunities for dialogue and reflection.


After all this inspiration, it was time for a peaceful, solitary walk in the beautiful landscape. Pondering on life, art, cosmology and intuition …


Auf Wiedersehen, Klint!

2 thoughts on “A conference about creativity, art and innovation

  • May 29, 2018 at 12:11 am

    Thank you, Pernilla! This interview was interesting and inspiring. I hope one day to read Martinus’ little book, Leaves of God’s Picturebook.

    • May 29, 2018 at 9:53 am

      Many thanks, Sarah! Pernilla 🙂


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