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Martinus and modern spirituality – Before Our Wondering Eyes

Martinus and modern spirituality

Based in London, Anton Jarrod is a writer and researcher, focusing on and specializing in modern spirituality from 1850 onwards. He is the author of Martinus Cosmology and Spiritual Evolution (2017), which looks at Martinus’s ideas about the evolution of the human being in relation to the Gospel narratives of the life of Jesus, the archetypal human being. He is currently working in the field of sociology, exploring the relationship between spirituality and the world of work. (See www.antonjarrod.com)

In this podcast Mary McGovern interviews Anton Jarrod about what he considers Martinus’s unique contribution to modern spirituality.

Read more on the website of The Martinus Cosmology Podcast.

You can read more about Anton Jarrod on his blog: Anton Jarrod Blog

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