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A visitor in Stockholm and The Ideal Food – Before Our Wondering Eyes

A visitor in Stockholm and The Ideal Food

Normally we meet in Copenhagen or in the Martinus Centre in Klint, Denmark. But this time Denmark came to us, when our dear friend Mary McGovern from the Martinus Institute visited Stockholm in order to give a lecture about Martinus’ book The Ideal Food. This Saturday, 1st September, was one of the last days of summer or perhaps rather the beginning of autumn.

Whatever you prefer to call it, many visitors like to stop to admire the stunning view of the water.

In Stockholm there is a relatively small but very enthusiastic group of people who are interested in Martinus and attend lectures and study groups every week. Our lectures take place in a house called “The House of Health” (Hälsans Hus) on the island of Stockholm called Södermalm. Apart from a lecture room rented by the Stockholm Martinus Foundation, there are various alternative therapists in the house and also a vegetarian restaurant.

Mary framför Hälsans hus

During her lecture, Mary presented Martinus’ book The Ideal Food, which he wrote very early in his production. It was first published in Danish in the year 1933 in instalments in the magazine Kosmos. In The Ideal Food, Martinus analyses the evolution of human nutrition from meat-eating to vegetarianism and veganism. By using various symbols, for example symbol no. 7, The Principle of Life Units, Martinus illustrates the basic principle that all life is organised as life within life within life and that every living being is both a macrobeing and a microbeing

According to Martinus,  there are myriads of miniscule living beings in our body (at levels which go far beyond the level of cells and particles known today). This means that we have the responsibility to take care of all these beings in our bodies by eating the proper kind of food in order to create healthy and pleasant living conditions for them as well as for us.

So what should we eat? In The Ideal Food, Martinus states that vegetable food is the most suitable food for human beings at the present step in evolution. According to his analyses, it is no longer a condition of human existence to eat animal products, and he shows that meat-eating can cause severe illnesses as well as karma due to the pain inflicted on the animals being killed.

Mary also described symbol no. 38, The Human Being, and Animal and Vegetable Food, where you can learn many details about how different kinds of food are connected to different steps in evolution. Whereas coarse, animal food is natural for meat-eating animals in the animal kingdom, human beings have outgrown this step and would do well to focus on vegetarian food instead, where Martinus recommends a mixture of nuts, seeds, beans, grains, vegetables and fruits. In the future, he states that the perfect human being in the real human kingdom will be able to live on ripe fruit alone. Ultimately, even further on in the real human kingdom, beings will live on air alone.

For now, most human beings will have to deal with a number of diseases and health issues due to faulty nutrition as well as to harmful thinking, since Martinus states that all illnesses are ultimately due to electrical short circuits in the supermicrocosmos. This perspective may seem to be immensely wide and perhaps difficult to grasp, but, as Mary explained, the positive thing is that there are many concrete things we can do now in order to take care of our health. Through training we can acquire new habits and gradually get accustomed to eating and thinking in a more healthy way. In the end, it is all about neighbourly love – not only towards our fellow human beings, but also towards our animals and the microbeings in our body.

After the lecture, an intense discussion followed among the participants. Other nutrition experts like Rune Östensson explained, among other things, how the current research on gut flora and gut bacteria complements the information given in The Ideal Food and confirms the importance of following a vegetarian diet. There was also a general consensus that every individual has to listen to his or her body and try to find the most suitable nutrition for it.

In the autumn of 2018, Mary has been invited to give a lecture on The Ideal Food in the United State at The World Veg Festival in San Francisco. And she will also give a lecture about Martinus’ analyses of the sexual pole transformation in San José at the conference Science and Non-Duality, SAND, “The mystery of being human.

After this educational and interesting afternoon about food and nourishment, a dinner in a vegetarian restaurant in the Old Town of Stockholm certainly seemed to be appropriate. (Actually, some participants usually go to this restaurant after the lectures and thanks to our main organiser Lasse Östnäs, we even have “our” own table …)


It was delicious as always and we talked about everything between heaven and earth.

Returning home through Stockholm at dusk, I noticed that autumn is coming after all, as always in our four-season country. Who knows what the dark months of the cycle will bring this year, in our little part of the world as well as internationally. But whatever is before us, it is reassuring to know that we can always rely on the long-term perspective of Martinus’ analyses. And I do look forward to hearing about the reactions in San Francisco and San José to Mary’s presentations of Martinus’ thoughts.

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