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General video introductions – Before Our Wondering Eyes

General video introductions

Below, you find a few films and video introductions with presentations of Martinus and his works.

A 9-minute video introduction by Lennart Pasborg. (Copyright: The Martinus Institute, Copenhagen.)

A 45-minute presentation of Martinus’ Cosmology by Gunnar Fernlund. Copyright: Soulfoods Publishing/Gunnar Fernlund.

An 8-minute introduction Martinus and his works by Mary McGovern. Recorded at Martinus Center Klint, Denmark, 2012. 3. August 2012. Filmed and produced by martinusforum.dk. (c) 2012 Martinus Institute.

A 10-minute introduction to the question: “What is Martinus’ Spiritual Science, Martinus’ Cosmology or The Third Testament?” By Ole Therkelsen. Filmed at the Martinus Center Klint, Denmark, May 2012. Production Torben Husum, Kenneth Ibsen. (c) Martinus Institut.

A 15-minute talk on Martinus’ spiritual science and its role in modern society, by Ole Therkelsen.